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This was lot of work. Please leave some links pointing to ff-webdesigner.de, that’s all.

Theme Name: ff-webdesigner.de
Theme URI: http://blog.ff-webdesigner.de/
Description: ff-webdesigner.de wordpress theme. multilayer-transparency tested on all 6th+ gen browsers. requires fixed size for excerpts, index, archive etc. including ff-auto-pictures addon. the files index.html and zoom.html are the origins, if you’d like to test css changes. the file style-ie.css only contains css fixes for ie6. mind the header.php! if you want the original photoshop-file, set a link to ff-webdesigner.de on your hp. go to my hp, send mail.

Designed for the use with the following plugins:


upload all files to your blog /wp-content/themes. the source of some pages like index.php contains some little extra php. it looks for some dir corresponding to the posts permalink. if so, on index.php you’ll see the first 2 pictures corresponding to the actual post within that dir. on single.php you’ll see all the pictures within that dir. to make ff-auto-images work properly please set permalink options to „user defined – /%category%/%postname%.html“. then, within your homedir create a dir called „pix“. example for correct dirs: your posts permalink is http://yourblog/usa/post12.html. put the 150/150px thumbs into the folder /pix/usa/post12/ . within that folder, create a new folder called „hi“. put the hires pictures in there. dimension is 640/480 px. important: the lores and the hires pictures must have exactly the same name and end upon .jpg in smallcaps! create a page called „zoom“. select its template „ff-zoom“. done.

Version: 0.9
Author: Frank Woelky
Author URI: http://ff-webdesigner.de/

Download: ff-webdesigner.de wordpress theme

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